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English information on the Foundation´s

The "Akogo?" Foundation was established in 2002 by Ewa Blaszczyk - Janczarska and Father Wojtek Drozdowicz. The Foundation's aim is to provide a comprehensive assistance to children with severe traumatic brain injury and to develop a systemic solution to the problem of coma in Poland.

Our goal is to provide system solutions for children with severe traumatic brain injury that require long, intensive and expensive hospitalization and rehabilitation. Together with the Ministry of Health, we created from scratch a program "Waking-up children from a coma in the B Phase", approved by the Agency for Health Technology Assessment and entered in the range of benefits guaranteed by the National Health Fund. Since 2012, "National Day of Coma Patient", proclaimed by the Polish Parliament on the initiative of the Foundation, is celebrated in Poland on April 18. We built the first in Poland specialized hospital for children in coma – the "Alarm clock" Clinic, which operates at the Children's Health Center in Warsaw. Young patients in coma are admitted to the Clinic since July 2013. The medical program carried out at the Clinic brings the first effects: during the first three months of the "Alarm clock" two people woke-up from a coma, and a significant improvement is observed in most other patients!

This great work – the project that was never before in our country – would not be possible without the support of many Donors, Partners, Foundations.

Treatment in the Clinic is carried out under a contract signed with the National Health Fund and is free of charge to our patients. The "Akogo?" Foundation takes any action in order to obtain donations, both financial and in kind, to provide our patients with a full range of medical services and not encumber the Clinic with debts.

It is extremely important for us that our Clinic provides neurorehabilitation services at the highest level, using different and innovative methods of treatment, diagnosis and the widest range of neurorehabilitation methods. We want to keep track of the world's medical achievements in the treatment of coma, exchange of scientific knowledge and tracking of experimental programs. All of this - we hope – will help to develop a model of care for the patient in a coma, to create new standards and to conduct constant monitoring of medical results that will help us to estimate the scale of the problem in our country. We will constantly keep you informed about the progress of our work and the real cost of treatment.

The "Akogo?" Foundation has the status of a public benefit organization (National Court Register No. KRS 0000125054), allowing us to receive 1% of income tax from individuals.

The "Akogo?" Foundation works on many levels. We carry on social and educational activities, spreading the knowledge and indicating the scale of the problem. We are trying to unite the various communities, businesses and people who normally compete, but for this purpose come together. By uniting our efforts for the same cause, we want to manifest our position that pronounces for the civilization of life, not death.

We dedicate the "ALARM CLOCK" Clinic to John Paul II.

Thank you for your help so far and please continue to support our patients!
Ewa Błaszczyk Janczarska

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