Alarm Clock Clinic Building Site Gallery

Building Alarm Clock Clinic next to the Children’s Health Institute in Międzylesie.

On March 26, 2008, Alarm Clock Clinic construction works conducted by the general contractor Mostostal Warszawa started. The object is located next to the Children’s Health Institute in Międzylesie. The first phase of the works finished in July 2008 and the celebration of the great opening took place on December 7, 2012. The new facility is linked with the pediatric rehabilitation department of the CHI with the connector at the level of the first floor.

Clinic can simultaneously enroll 15 little patients and, thanks to the additional rooms, parents are able to take care of their children for 24 hours a day. Alarm Clock Clinic is the first facility in Poland where kids suffering the effect of the severe brain damage are treated and rehabilitated according to the individual programs. They are provided with care even up to 15 months after the accident.

Welcome to the virtual visit to the Alarm Clock Clinic.

Here is how it looked in May 2013, just before first patients appeared.

Here is Alarm Clock Clinic in September 2010.

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