We are building the Alarm Clock Clinic for adults


Today we say goodbye to Mr. Stanisław Kowalski, the founder and long-term president of the Foundation for Children „Zdążyć z pomocą" and the „Sedeka" Foundation.
At the beginning of summer holidays, we managed to visit Julka, a former patients of the "Alarm Clock" Clinic for children, in Warsaw.
On the construction site, everyone is working hard! Finishing works inside the building are currently underway.
Last Saturday in Świerklany, a charity run called "SIĘ BIEGA" took place in Świerklany, the proceeds of which were allocated to the statutory purposes of the „Akogo...


Ladies and Gentlemen !
Ewa Błaszczyk’s Foundation „Akogo ?” is a Polish non - government organisation which has been systemically solving problems of the persons in coma, for the last 16 years.
Together we built the „Alarm clock” clinic at Children’s Health Center in Warsaw – the first place in Poland which houses patients aged 2-18, in the state of coma. Owing to the support of donors, firms and foundations we worked out a project, the first ever in our country.

The „Alarm clock” has been working since July 2013, in which time more than 90 children woke up. 

At the moment the „Akogo?” Foundation is working to built an „Alarm clock” clinic for adults, which is supposed to be situated at Bródnowski Hospital in Warsaw.
The „Alarm clock” clinic for adults will be built on the alotment which belongs to Mazowsze Municipality. Next to the Mazovian Bródnowski hospital in Warsaw, the Foundation „Akogo?” will build a specialized clinic. The Bródnowski hospital will be the medical partner in this venture.
We shall do our best to enable the clinic to provide the medical services on the highest world level, making use of various, innovatory treatment methods, diagnostics and as many as possible neurorehabilitation methods.

Every initiative, every sms, even the smallest amount of money is a great help for us.