8-9 December 2017

Prof. Gustavo A Moviglia

Profesor and Research Director Maimónides University, Buenos Aires · CIITT

I am a physician graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the National University of La Plata, Argentina (1976). I had a fellowship of seven years with the National Council of Scientific Research and Technology (CONICET) where I obtained my postgraduate training in cell biology. I were professor in different universities: Univ. de La Plata, Univ. Nacional de Cuyo, Wayne State University (Detroit, USA) and Morehause University (Atlanta, USA). Between 1993 and 1995 I developed the tumor cell- activated B cell hybrid (TBH) vaccine. The safety and efficiency results of this vaccine were presented in the European Society of Haemapheresis (Vienna, 1995) and published in Transfusion Science in 1997 (17: 643-649). In 2000, I presented to the American Society for Aphaeresis the Dendritic Cell vaccine boosted with the TBH vaccine.

In 2001, I received a local award for his work on pancreatic cancer using the TBH Vaccine combined with a mix leukocyte culture (MLC) Cytoimplant; In 2005 I presented the clinical results for breast cancer using DC vaccination at the European Society of Medical Oncology In 2008, I reported the successful clinical application with a cancer stem cell vaccine for recurrent GBM and NSCLC. In 2006 I reported for the first time the differentiation of adult Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stroma Cell differentiated into Neural progenitor cells throw the co incubation of these cells with autoimmune cells directed against nerve tissue. The same year I also published the preliminary clinical results of the use of these cells for the successful repair of complete chronic spinal cord injury patients. The cells where used in a combined protocol denominated MED. Several publications on different neurologic pathologies as well as an extended casuistic on more SCI patient supported the validity of this therapy Currently, he Director of CIITT of Maimónides University (Buenos Aires, Argentina) as well as full professor where he directs a postgraduate course of Cell Therapy for Clinicians.