8-9 December 2017

Prof. Krystyna Domańska-Janik

STUDIED on Warsaw Medical University

from 1966 employed in Mossakowski’s Medical Research Center (MMRC) of Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS).
1986- 1996 Associated Professor in Department of Neurochemistry,
1996- 2000 Chief of Molecular Neuropathology Unit
2000- 2011 Organizer and Director of NeuroRepair Department in MMRC.

Prof. Emeritus of PAS and Full Professor in Mossakowski's Medical Research Center

Stem Cell Bioengineering Unit  of MMRC and leader of NCN and NCBiR research projects.

President of the Cell Therapy Teem of Central Nervous Diseases in The Committee of Neurological Sciences of PAS
Elected Council Member of International Association of Neuro-Regeneration (IANR)
Reviewer of the several International Scientific Editorial Boards

Neural stem cells in brain repair and development, inherited and acquired brain diseases: ischemic encephalopathies,PMD, ALS, ROS induced (dis)regulation of neural metabolism during CNS development and diseases.