From March 17th, 2020, until further notice, the office of the Ewa Błaszczyk’s foundation „Akogo?” is temporarily closed!
We start to work remotely!
All our contact details remain unchanged, at your disposal!
We remind you of the ongoing action for our foundation and encourage you to donate bricks and win prizes! Bank Ochrony Środowiska in cooperation...
If you love cinema, movies, artists, than you can’t miss such opportunities!
If you are curious how the Orły Awards Gala looked like from the backstage, why Orły Awards are supporting us, and who helps us to bring to life...
On Wednesday (February 26) at a press conference, a meeting was held with the Nominated 22nd Polish Film Awards Orly 2020.
Polish Film Awards - Orły join forces with the Ewa Błaszczyk’s „Akogo?” Foundation in a joint Charity Action: „Licytacja?! Poszła! Akcja!”.
On February 5th, this year, at the headquarters of Canal +, a press conference was held, during which nominations for the Polish Film Awards...
Our patients and us will not forget the visit of „Mazowsze” group for a long time in „Alarm Clock” Clinic for children in Warsaw!
Video material of the performance of „Mazowsze” group, which took place in "Alarm Clock” Clinic for children in Warsaw on January 8th this year.
On January 8th this year the „Mazowsze” group performed at the Alarm Clock Clinic for children in Warsaw. The choir with accompanist performed...
On December 15th this year, a ceremonial unveiling of the bielany crib after renovation took place in front of the Post- Camaldolese church.
On Monday, December 9th this year, unexpectedly, Santa with presents came to the "Alarm Clock" Clinic for children in Warsaw! He was accompanied...
Last Friday, December 6th this year, we had a great pleasure to host Professor Elizabeth Wirkowski at the „Alarm Clock” Clinic for children. Mrs...
On November 28-29 this year, the 5th International Congress of the Polish Society of Public Health was held in Wrocław. The theme of this year’s...
On November 26, 2019, the construction of Alarm Clock Clinic for adults was officially commenced in Warsaw at the Mazovian Bródno Hospital.
On November 19th this year, a gala was held at the National Theater, during which, Ewa Błaszczyk- President of the „Akogo?” Foundation received...
On November 16th this year, in Wieliczka, the HPlay Volleyball event took place, with the participation of companies and corporations that...
HPlay Volleyball organizes a charity volleyball tournament for companies combined with a picnic for families. Prepared zones await participants...
Remembering those, who passed away 
let’s not forget about those, who stayed.
Representatives of „Akogo?” foundation took part in the 6th International Scientific Conference: „Work with people with limited awareness -...
A special guest of one of the panels was dr Maciej Piróg- director of the „Alarm Clock” Clinic for children in Warsaw.
The „Akogo?” foundationis a participant in the 10th Mazovia Development Forum, in whichover 50 Partners participate.