Choose Varsovian of the year 2019! | Fundacja Ewy Błaszczyk Akogo?

Choose Varsovian of the year 2019!

We are pleased to announce that the President of the „Akogo?” foundation - Ewa Błaszczyk has been nominated for the title of „Varsovian of the year 2019”!

The plebiscite aims to honor a woman who through her proffesional or social activities, has contributed in a special way to the development and promotion of Warsaw.

The jury of the plebiscite from among all the residents’ submissions selected ten extraordinary women for the title of the Varsovian of the year, who every day are involved in the development of civil society, paying attention to its needs. We cordially invite you to take part in voting, which will last until October 6th 2019.

Every vote is valuable!

On the September 4th 2019 the official nomination ceremony took place. The plebiscite is organized by the Capital City of Warsaw.

Spot presenting the candidacy of Ewa Błaszczyk:

Details of the plebiscite: