BOŚ and Mastercard for „Akogo?” Foundation! | Fundacja Ewy Błaszczyk Akogo?

BOŚ and Mastercard for „Akogo?” Foundation!

We remind you of the ongoing action for our foundation and encourage you to donate bricks and win prizes! 
Bank Ochrony Środowiska in cooperation with Mastercard enables clients to support the Ewa Błaszczyk’s Foundation „Akogo?”.
If you are not a BOŚ customer yet, go to, create an invoice, take a card, sign up for the Mastercard Program Priceless Moments and help us help by supporting activities consisting in systemic resolution of problems of people in coma. 

How to donate a brick?
1 Log in to the program page
2 Choose passion help 
3 Choose a brick, which you would like to donate to the „Akogo?” Foundation