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We invite you to Wrocław!

We cordially invite you once more on 17th to Wrocław (9 AM- 8 PM) for the event „Hairdressers are helping”

At the Solny Square, under a tent, there will be 6 hairdresseing standpoints. Hairdressers will be cutting hair all day long. One can decide both on just a trim or entirely change one’s hair style.
Masters will also take care of lady’s and children’s haircuts, including cutting out sophisticated patterns. Among organizers and hairdressers who were invited to take part in the event there are:

1. Mario Mayer - organizator
2. Łukasz Matykiewicz - organizator
3. Ewelina Różowska – Barbering Academy Mayer&Matykiwicz
4. Ernest Plich Ernesto Barberro - Barber and training officer from Ireland
5. Romuald Korniej Ramson Barber - Barber from Czech Republic
6. Michał Kupiec Majkel Barber -KrakBarbershop Kraków
7. Dawid Kawczyński - Academy Hair Tatto Racibórz
8. Bartosz Marcinkowski Barber Zone Gdańsk

More attractions would wait for you on the spot!

1. Mario Mayer – male hairdresser with 28 years of experience. Co- owner of Barbering Academy Mayer&Matykiewicz.
Enthusiast, for whom hairdressing remains an essence of life. Rapidity and precision are definitely his distinguishing features. He was gaing his education and experience in many countries of Europe such as: Germany, Scotland, England, Norway. Mario Mayer likes to share his knowledge and experience with others, providing trainings at Barering Academy Mayer&Matykiewicz. Since the begining of 2019 he has upskilled over 480 of male haidressers from whole Poland and Europe. In June 2019 was distinguished by the President C.M.C Antnio Bilancio, who invited him instruct italian barbers w XXXXXXX. Soon we could also get familiar with his own brand of hairstyling and care products. One of the participants of many prestige hairdressing events. He is a coach of National Staff of Scotland and representative of the National Staff of Poland to the Worldchampionship in Paris 2018.
Some of awards
  • 3 th place – Europe championship in Italy 2017
  • 1 st place - Barber championship in Warsaw
  • 3 th place World championship in Itay 2018
  • qarter finalist of the programme "Mistrzowskie Cięcie" 2018
  • 1 st place- International championship in Wales 2018 (Men of the street) 
  • 1 st place - International championship in Wales 2018 (International Champion)
  • 2 nd place - International championship in Wales 2018 (Fashion Barber)
  • 3 th place- Championship of Eurasia Ukraine 2019 Salon Look
  • 2 nd place- Championship of cutting patterns in Gdynia 8 th of June 2019r.

2. Ernest Plich Ernesto Barberroo has been a haidresser since 16 years., He’s an owner of network of hair salons -Scarface Barbers and training officer. Master of haidressing with international diploma of Lubelski craft and Irish (BCI). Winner of International competition organized by British Barber Base in Dublin in Free Stye category in 2017r. He was also distinguished by Tadeusz Glaza, the leader of the Lubelski craft board for taking part in competition in Poznań. On a daily basis he’s cooperating with such brands as Osmo and Wahl.

3. Ewelina Różowska haidresser with a great potential. Hairdressing is her passion. She loves to cut both male and female hair.

4. Łukasz Matykiewicz male hairdresser with 22 years of experience.. He has been working in his field since he was 16. Owner of 3 Hairdressing salons and co-owner of Barbering Academy Mayer&Matykiewicz. He’s glad that barbering has become popular, so that he can be now realising his hobby and passion he has for his proffesion.

5. Romuald Korniej Ramson Barber opened his first BarberShop 2 years ago in Czech Republic. Currently, he’s planning to open his 3rd BarberShop. This year hir BarberShops were considered as the best barbershops.

6. Sebastian Bogdanowicz bearded man, male hairdressing and cosmetics enthusiast. Recently, he has decided to dive into his passion ale he himself became a barber.. Entrepreneur and producent of professional beard care accessories.

7. Vicotr – comes from Moldova. He has been working as a haidresser since 3 years. Graduated hairdressing school - Kiszyniów. Since 2017r. works in Poland for The Bro barbershop in Poznań. Winner of first eliminations for the best and quickest barber of the competition FAST FADE FIGHT.

8. Michał Kupiec Majkel Barber – man who has decided to leave metallurgy industry który odszedł and became a barber. This took place about 1,5 year ago. Since then his life has changed diametrically. Unceasingly, he’s raising standards and strives for achiving his goals.