We encourage you to watch the TVP 3 Olsztyn program, from the series „Całkiem niezła historia", broadcast on April 28th this year.
April, as April greats us with a little bit of winter and a little bit of summer...
Never before have so many done so much - like you... for people in a coma! :) Thanks to you, the "Alarm Clock" Clinic for children is operating...
We invite you to get familiar with the touching material broadcast on April 18th in the "Dzień Dobry TVN" program.
We present unusual material from the TVP2 studio, from „Pytanie na śniadanie" (April 18th this year), which hosted - Krzysztof (with an...
We share information with you about what we have already done and what we are currently doing.
On the occasion of the day of the patient in a coma falling today, we wish all patients who were or are in a coma a quick recovery and the gift...
Despite the winter and rainy weather, intensive work is underway on the construction of the „Alarm Clock" Clinic for adults, at the Mazowiecki...
We regret to receive the information contained in the article entitled "Eksperymenty medyczne na płodach? Ministerstwo Zdrowia o sprawie prof....
On the occasion of the upcoming „Day of the patient in a coma"" (April 18th), we are giving a film gift for the patients of the "Alarm Clock"...
We already have the entire body of the Clinic building, the third floor and the first leaves on the trees!
We are launching auctions of items received from the prison in Wadowice. The handicraft was mostly created during the implementation of the...
On the occasion of the Feast of the Healthcare Worker falling today, we bow to all those who, on a daily basis, devote themselves to this...
We invite you to listen to the program entitled The „Punkt zwrotny". This is a series of conversations in the Common Podcast about turning...
On the occasion of Easter, greetings on our behalf are sent by the President of the "Akogo?” Foundation - Mrs. Ewa Błaszczyk.
Toruńskie Zakłady Materiałów Opatrunkowych have been cooperating with our Foundation for almost 10 years. We are extremely grateful and we can...
On March 22nd  this year, for the first time, the "World Coma Day" was celebrated.
On the occasion of the upcoming Easter, the House of Folk Art PolArt - a family shop run by ethnographers promoting Polish folk art has prepared...
The American Neurocritical Care Society (NCS), as part of the wider Curing Coma Campaign initiative, is organizing the first World Coma Day on...
On the occasion of March 22nd this year, celebrating "World Coma Day", we share with you heartfelt wishes and thanks!
On March 22nd, 2021, the "World Coma Day" will be celebrated for the first time. "Akogo?" Foundation joined this initiative.