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The guest of the Saturday edition of the program "Dzień dobry TVN" was Ms. Ewa Błaszczyk - President of the "Akogo?" Foundation. And what...
We are impressed by yesterday's auction and we are excited to thank everyone who helped us organize this event!
The Ewa Błaszczyk's AKOGO? Foundation will sell a plot of land located in Kobyłka, at Żymirskiego 14 street, with a built-up house with an area...
Tomorrow, October 12th, at 19.30, the auction "Jasiek dla Śpiocha” ( Throwpillow for a sleepy- head) will be held at the Royal Castle in Warsaw.
Foundation "Akogo?" celebrates its 20th anniversary this year! On the occasion of the Jubilee, we invited artist Wojciech Brewka, who prepared...
„Akogo?" Foundation together with the Warsaw-based Auction House "Art in House", in just one week, on October 12th, will organize a unique event...
We cordially invite you to take part in the charity auction for our Foundation. "Jasiek for a sleepyhead"
Today is such a day... Let us help each other! Ms Ewa Błaszczyk, President of the Akogo? Foundation, takes part in an important campaign.
How is the mural "Akogo?" by Wojciech Brewka, with the support of the Bielany District Office?
See for yourself
We encourage you to view the material from the first day of the implementation of our mural.
This year, the "Akogo?" celebrates its 20th anniversary. On this occasion, we have prepared a few surprises.
It is with great sadness that we received the information about the death of Mr. Franciszek Pieczka, an unforgettable "St. Peter ".
On September 23rd, 2022, on the premises of Primary School No. Maria Curie-Skłodowska, in Zabrze, a ceremony will take place during which, among...
Firma AMZ Szamotuły organizuje licytacje charytatywne dla naszej Fundacji. Tym razem inicjatywa związana jest z działaniami sportowymi.
The "Akogo med" Consulting and Medical Clinic is looking for specialists in the field of neurology, psychiatry, orthopedics. We are also looking...
The „Akogo?" Foundation together with the Warsaw-based "Art in House" Auction House, in less than a month, on October 12th this year, will...
The „Akogo?" Foundation together with the Warsaw-based "Art in House" Auction House, in just one month, on October 12th this year, will...
We are on the final straight in the implementation of the „Alarm Clock" Clinic project, for adults in Warsaw, at the Mazowiecki Bródnowski...
We still mention and want to sum up the Saturday charity race - Westminster Charity Race. We encourage you to watch the extensive material from...
Last Saturday, at the Służewiec Horse Race Track in Warsaw, as part of the next edition of Westminster Day, a charity race took place.
Today a meeting was held at the “Alarm Clock” Clinic for adults, under construction, in Warsaw, at the Mazowiecki Bródnowski Hospital.