Superheroes’ league | Fundacja Ewy Błaszczyk Akogo?

Superheroes’ league

Last weekend, a delegation from the "Akogo?" Foundation came to the „Alarm Clock" Clinics for children and adults and the League of Super-Heroes.
There was the distribution of gifts, group photos and some Christmas joy!
We would like to thank the representatives of the League of Superheroes for finding time in this hot period and flying to us from Szczecin to give some happiness to our patients.
We would like to thank Jysk Polska for supporting us with wonderful gifts: blankets, bedspreads, decorations, mascots.
Cewe supported us with T-shirts for patients, and the ORZO restaurant (through the League of Superheroes) donated a lot of pizza and desserts to the children's Clinic.
We bow to all donors!
There were precious smiles!