„The day of the patient in a coma”

On the occasion of the day of the patient in a coma falling today, we wish all patients who were or are in a coma a quick recovery and the gift of life!
The celebrations were established on April 18th by the parliament of the Republic of Poland in 2012, at the request of our foundation.
Their goal is to draw attention to the situation of such patients and understand their problems.

Last week, there was an unusual meeting between First Lady Agata Kornhauser - Duda with the charges of the "Alarm Clock" Clinic for children in Warsaw. Due to epidemiological restrictions, the talks were held on-line. The meeting was attended by children and their carers, the management of the Clinic and representatives of the "Akogo?" Foundation.
The First Lady gave the best wishes to our patients on this occasion!

Additionally, we are pleased to announce that the Spouse of the President of the Republic of Poland continues the honorary patronage over the construction of the "Alarm Clock" Clinic for adults at the Mazowiecki Bródnowski Hospital in Warsaw.
Thank you!