"ObudźMiSie" | Fundacja Ewy Błaszczyk Akogo?


The "ObudźMiSie" spot is intended to briefly present the activities of the "Akogo?" Foundation, which has been dealing with the problem of coma since 2002. Our activities are aimed at both children and adults. At the beginning of this year, Miś Uszatek - a character from a fairy tale by Czesław Janczarski, with illustrations by Zbigniew Rychlicki, became a symbol accompanying the Foundation "Akogo?" and the face of the campaign aimed at drawing attention not only to the work of the Foundation in the form of two "Alarm Clock" Clinics, to the goal that has guided us from the beginning to wake patients from coma, but also to raise awareness in society about the state of coma, and thus bringing people back to life. In July 2013, we opened the "Alarm Clock" Clinic named after Ola Janczarska (granddaughter of Czesław Janczarski) for children, in Międzylesie, at the Children's Health Center. February 27th we opened the "Alarm Clock" Clinic for adults in the Mazowiecki Bródnowski Hospital in Warsaw.
In 2022, the Foundation celebrated its 20th anniversary.

The authors of the „ObudźMisie" spot are:
The author of the animation - Peter Sabo
Decorations/graphics - Katarzyna Czylok
Editing - Krzysztof Drużbacki
Producer: Orangeanimation Sp. z o. o.
Pawel Pewny, Barbara Pewna
Music: Marcin Partyka