Announcement of the procedure no PZP/2/2021

CONTRACTING ENTITY Ewa Błaszczyk's "AKOGO?” Foundation invites you to submit a bid in the public procurement procedure conducted under the open tender procedure for construction works with the contract value exceeding the EU thresholds, as provided for in Art. 3 of the Act of 09/11/2019 - Public Procurement Law (Journal of Laws of 2019, item 2019) - hereinafter referred to as the Public Procurement Law for the execution of construction works entitled "Execution of finishing works in the building of the rehabilitation facility" Budzik Clinic for adults, designed in the Mazowiecki Hospital of Bródno in the Targówek District of the Capital City of Warsaw. "

The contract notice and all other information and documents regarding the procedure in question are available through the Josephine Purchasing Platform:
Order ID 16578
We invite you to participate in the tender procedure.