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The ceremony of completing the construction of the "Alarm Clock" Clinic for adults at Mazowiecki Bródnowski Hospital Sp. z o. o.

We would like to once again thank everyone who supported us in this project.

The construction of the "Alarm Clock Clinic for Adults" in Warsaw is financed both from the Foundation's own funds and from public funds. Huge support for the Investment is provided by subsidies from the Justice Fund and the Chancellery of the Prime Minister. The construction is also supported by the Orlen Foundation.
  • Location: area of ​​the Mazowiecki Bródnowski Hospital
  • Clinic area: approx. 3800 m2
  • Number of beds: 17
  • Number of floors: 3
  • The planned date of admission of the first patients to the Clinic: March 2023.
  • Financing obtained in the period 2019-2022:
  • Subsidy from the Justice Fund - PLN 44,240,000
  • Subsidy from the Chancellery of the Prime Minister - PLN 12,000,000

  • Orlen Foundation – PLN 500,000
Foto: Dawid Fuz