"Awakened" | Fundacja Ewy Błaszczyk Akogo?


On Women's Day, we share material, a conversation with the director of an extraordinary series of documentary programs, Mrs. Alina Mrowińska.

„Awakened" is a 10-episode documentary series about people who survived a coma, came back to life and our world.

Who are the titled "Awakened"? It's Ola, Jasiek, Paweł, Sebastian, Igor ... Their lives changed in a second - the reason was a traffic accident, flooding, choking, sudden cardiac arrest. They fell into a coma for several, several months or several years. Their time has stopped.

What is a coma, why did our heroes end up in it and how did they come back to life? Viewers will find the answers to these questions in the emotionally moving documentary series "Awakened", produced by Telewizja Polska SA.

How the coma re-evaluated their lives, what is most important to them now - this is what the awakened people and their relatives say. How to deal with suffering, disability and how not to lose hope and fight to the end. This series is a Manifesto of people awakened from a coma.

Scenariusz i reżyseria- Alina Mrowińska
Asystent reżysera - Chrystian Orzeszko
Zdjęcia - Michał Jarosiński
Dźwięk – Marcin Matysiak
Montaż – Beata Barciś