Another three recoveries in the Alarm Clock Clinic for children

Awaken Wiktoria
Wiktoria fell into a coma in January 2018. Her condition was not getting better for many months. The engagement and cooperation of doctors, rehabilitants and therapists from the Alarm Clock Clinic made it possible to wake Wiktoria up step by step. Despite the obstacles on her way to recovery, Wiktoria started reading, writing, playing chess and painting again!

Awaken Patryk
Before the accident, Patryk was devoted football player in Wicher Mogilno Football Club. On October 10, 2018 Patryk was admitted to the Alarm Clock Clinic after a traffic accident, in which his brain became severely damaged. Many months of an intensive rehabilitation as well as full engagement of therapists and immense determination of Patryk eventually led to his recovery on July 8, 2019.

Awaken Julia
In April 2019 Julita became a patient of Alarm Clock Clinic. Fourteen-year-old girl had been hit by a car, which resulted in falling into coma. Thanks to the engagement, intensive work and cooperation of the entire Alarm Clock Clinic team as well as support from the family and perseverance of the patient herself, Julia was recognized as recovered on July 12, 2019.

We keep our fingers crossed for recovered children and wish them returning to full health!