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Social campaigns

Today we mention the social campaigns carried out during our 20 years of activity.
It is impossible to name all the co-creators, but we bow to everyone beautifully!
From "Sleeping Beauty" through "St. Peter" and "Disputa" to "Who cares?".
These are the titles of individual creations, which were supposed to draw attention to the problem of children in a coma and, more broadly, to issues related to "coma".
Over time, the idea of ​​building the "Alarm Clock" Clinic appeared, hence the activities entitled "Kids are waiting" (implicitly, in line to the clinic that was being built).
There were also intervention campaigns, for example "Ambient – ​​cube" (with projection of materials from the inside), which was displayed in public places. Our idea was to show the state of being trapped in a coma.
There was also a campaign called "Do not leave small items with small children" (drawing attention to the problem of choking).
Did you know that small children should, for example, cut grapes into smaller pieces?