Postulate VIII | Fundacja Ewy Błaszczyk Akogo?

Postulate VIII

Before you, another, and at the same time, the last message from Julia to think about, although she probably could still advise us a lot, but it is possible that it will still happen one day...


All Julia's postulates are extremely important, but the last one seems to be the strongest. Many people believe that a person in a coma is simply absent, asleep.
The belief that this person is really "not there" is treated by many people as a green light to behave freely and expressing opinions about the patient in the third person, giving vent to their beliefs about, for example, the prognosis of such a person to recover.
It is not only a movie theme. It happens in life. Many awake patients talk about it loudly. Perhaps that is why it is also cinematic, because it is taken from real life.
So it's worth remembering what Julia told us: the patient in the coma understands.