Silent heroes | Fundacja Ewy Błaszczyk Akogo?

Silent heroes

Recently, we celebrated the 10th birthday of the "Alarm Clock" Clinic for children. Today we present the work of those without whom the clinic would not exist, and not all of us know how much we owe to them.
We are talking about cooperation with Impel, which ensures safety and cleanliness. The security department and the department responsible for maintaining cleanliness in the clinic are inextricably linked to the "life" of the clinic.
Security is not only security supervision, but also technical and purely human support.
The cleaning ladies care not only about the cleanliness of the building. They accompany and conduct a kind of psychotherapy for our patients and their families.
Everyone needs another man who will listen to them and support them, even if only with a smile.
Best regards to former and current charges!