Surprise! | Fundacja Ewy Błaszczyk Akogo?


On behalf of the „Alarm Clock” Clinic for children in Warsaw, all employees, patients, and the entire „Akogo?” Foundation, we thank the Mazowsze team for today’s surprise in the form of protective masks. Mazowsze are not only artists who we can admire on stage. It is also a whole stuff of people working on a team’s success: a team of stage technicians, dressing rooms, administration employees. Among these people there are also dressmakers who in sewing workshops, when the work is done normally and the band gives concerts, sew costumes, fix them, sew on buttons, ribbons, sequins or pebbles. So that the costumes are as beautiful as possible. Now, when the headquarters of Mazowsze became quiet and empty, their wonderful dressmaker, under the leadership of the manager of the tailoring workshop - Rafał Orłowski, decided to sew masks for the Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka Hospital and the friend’s „Alarm Clock” Clinic. And so over 1600 masks went to the recipients today. Including 100 masks for the „Alarm Clock” Clinic. The band hopes that when the situation stabilizes and returns to a normal life, they will come to the clinic with another concert for small patients.