20 years of „Mimo wszystko” Foundation | Fundacja Ewy Błaszczyk Akogo?

20 years of „Mimo wszystko” Foundation

A week ago we managed to get to Radwanowice, near Kraków, where the Anna Dymna's Foundation „Mimo wszystko" celebrated its 20th anniversary!
In the „Dolina słońca" there were: students, volunteers, friends and representatives of the Małopolska authorities.
In September 2013th, when the „Mimo wszystko" Foundation celebrated its 10th birthday by opening a modern therapeutic and rehabilitation center for people with intellectual disabilities "Dolina słońca", an oak tree in Radwanowice was planted by, among others, Ewa Błaszczyk.
The anniversary celebrations began with a performance by the "Radwanek" theater, whose actors are residents of the shelter of the Foundation. Brother Albert.
At the end, Anna Dymna invited her former student from the State Theater School of Ludwik Solski in Kraków - Sławomir, with his team.
We encourage you to watch a summary of this magical meeting with the „Mimo wszystko" Foundation and its beneficiaries.
And we were there and we wished everyone well from everyone!