Awakened | Fundacja Ewy Błaszczyk Akogo?


The last broadcasts of the series are ahead of us. „Awakened", on TVP.
„Awakened" is a 10-episode documentary series about people who survived a coma, came back to life and our world.
This is an extraordinary record of the fate of our heroes, especially meaningful around Easter.
And what started it all was told by the director of the series, Ms. Alina Mrowińska.

We encourage you to watch episode 7 and 8, today (Wednesday, March 29), at 22.35, TVP1.
Next week, April 5th. broadcast of the last 2 episodes (9 and 10), at 22.35, TVP1.
If you are interested in the whole series, we also refer you to the Internet:,88/wybudzeni-odcinki,382955