Consulting and medical clinic „Akogo- Med”

Last weekend we managed to gather, in the June rays of the sun, for the inauguration of the “Akogo-Med” Clinic hymn (by Kuba Sienkiewicz).
We met to get to know each other better and to the sounds of music to make new plans for the future. Our guests were outstanding doctors, employees of the clinic and the "Akogo?” Foundation and befriended musicians.
The artistic part was started by Ewa Błaszczyk (President of the "Akogo?" Foundation), who welcomed the gathered guests and read one of the stories by Prof. Wojciech Maksymowicz (paintings by the professor were also exhibited in the garden). Then there was Kuba Sienkiewicz with a mini recital, Ewa Błaszczyk with the accompaniment of Andrzej E-moll Kowalczyk and daughter Marianna Janczarska, and Jacek Kleyff.
An additional attraction was a happening performed by Father Wojciech Drozdowicz, entitled "Wytwórnia Błękitu", accompanied by musicians: Borys Janczarski, Piotr "Bocian" Cieślikowski and Krzysztof Penderecki.
This is how science and art met, and we keep our fingers crossed for the development and successes of the clinic!