WORLD COMA DAY - MARCH 22ND 2022 | Fundacja Ewy Błaszczyk Akogo?


On March 22nd, at 5 p.m., we cordially invite you to the open WEBINAR with the participation of specialists and patients' families. 
This is the only such opportunity to meet people who are very knowledgeable about coma disorders.

The broadcast will take place on Facebook and Youtube.

At 7.00 p.m., part 2 of the event will begin - a discussion panel, where invited guests will answer your questions.
The wide range of specialties of our guests guarantees that every question about a coma will be answered competently.
Please send your questions regarding medical issues, as well as legal and practical.

Please send your questions to:

Broadcast available on:
- YouTube:
- and on Facebook:

Here is the list of invited guests:
Dr. Grzegorz Biliński (physiotherapist, Neurorehabilitation Opole), Dr. Roman Olejniczak (physiotherapist, Neurorehabilitation Clinic, Wrocław), Ewelina Mścichowska and her son Sebastian Maciorowski - parent and patient („Alarm Clock” Clinic for children, Warsaw), Magdalena Zając and her daughter Julia - parent and patient ("Alarm Clock” Clinic for children Warsaw), Marcin Boś - (legal advisor, „Akogo?" Foundation), Monika Szewczyk - Patient Coordinator („Akogo?" Foundation), Elżbieta Dróżdż (nurse, „Alarm Clock” Clinic, Warsaw), doctor. Anna Smorczewska – Kiljan (pediatrician, "Alarm Clock” Clinic for Children, Waszawa), Piotr Pawlak (physiotherapist, "Alarm Clock” Clinic for Children, Warsaw), Agnieszka Łagodzińska (nurse," Alarm Clock” Clinic for Adults, Olsztyn),
Sylwia Smiszek (physiotherapist, "Alarm Clock” Clinic for Adults, Olsztyn), Krzysztof Kuraś (clinical psychologist, COIR Zdrowie, Częstochowa), Paweł Plaskacz (physiotherapist, COIR Zdrowie, Częstochowa), Izabela Plaskacz (physiotherapist, COIR Zdrowie, Częstochowa), Dr. Karolina Kryś- Noszczyk (Coordinator of the Program "Treatment of Adult Patients with Coma", COIR Zdrowie, Częstochowa), Katarzyna Wawrzyniak (parent of a coma patient).