World Coma Day - Summary | Fundacja Ewy Błaszczyk Akogo?

World Coma Day - Summary

The second edition of WORLD COMA DAY - Awakening Hope is behind us - an international, global online event, live conversations with scientists and doctors from around the world, lectures on the latest research and achievements in the field of coma treatment as part of Coma Curing organized by Neurocritical Care from Chicago .

The second  polish edition of the World Day of Coma is also behind us.

On the FB website at you can find video materials sent by all centers dealing with coma in Poland.
The event tab provides access to the webminar and discussion panel.

We would like to thank everyone who co-created and co-organized this event with us !!!

We invite you on April 18th, on Monday at 18:00 online for a meeting as part of the Polish Day of Coma! More information about this event is coming soon !!!

Stay tuned !!!