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Wishes on the occasion of the World Coma Day II edition

We are very happy that from March 22nd, as part of the World Coma Day, to April 18th, as part of the Day of the patient in a coma in Poland, we meet to learn more about coma and share the achievements of science and medicine in the world and in Poland. It is also a real celebration of awakening hope. Our common goal is to treat coma.

We invite you to listen to the wishes of Mrs. Ewa Błaszczyk, President of the "Akogo?” Foundation and Mr. Maciej Piróg, Director of the "Alarm Clock" Clinic for Children, for the international event in which our Coordinator of Scientific and Research Projects, Kasia Kasica, co-organizer of World Coma Day, together with Mr. Marek Binder, will conduct a live session with authorities in the field of forecasting and neuroimaging of coma .

They also prepared, in cooperation with all centers dealing with coma for the second time in Poland, the World Coma Day, for which we invite you on FB and YouTube at:

Broadcast available on:
- YouTube: https://youtu.be/QYcWysOT3XI
- and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Instytut.Psychologii.UJ/posts/5243066079083100

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