HIPOKRATES 2023 plebiscite | Fundacja Ewy Błaszczyk Akogo?

HIPOKRATES 2023 plebiscite

We choose the Polish Neurologist of the Year!

Our specialist, Dr. Jacek Szczygielski, was selected in the Hipokrates 2023 plebiscite and currently takes 6th place!
This is a great distinction, but we know that with your help we can take it even higher!
We would like to ask you to support our candidate by voting for Dr. Szczygielski. Voting takes place here: https://nowiny24.pl/jacek-szczygielski-neurochirurg/pk/5661453

Why is it worth voting for this candidate?
Dr. Jacek Szczygielski is not only an outstanding neurosurgeon, but also a man with a big heart.
His daily work with neurological patients, especially after severe brain injuries, has made him an outstanding specialist in his field.

Moreover, Dr. Szczygielski actively cooperates with the AkogoMed clinic.
His passion for helping transcends the boundaries of the hospital

The doctor helps every day - now let's help him!
We encourage you to vote!