"Bajleczki Pana Guzika"

„Bajleczki Pana Guzika” are eight fairy tales written by Monika Kubiak, who is a speech therapist and art therapist. Their protagonist is the mysterious Mr. Guzik. The fairy tales take their name from the fact that they are therapeutic fairy tales that heal.
Part of the proceeds from the sale of „Bajleczki Pana Guzika" will be donated to the statutory activities of the "AKOGO?" Foundation, and in December all little patients of the „Alarm Clock” Clinic will receive their own copies of the audiobook.
Books and audiobooks are available for purchase via the author's website http://www.moniakubiak.pl/bajleczki
Soon also available in online bookstores.
More about the project - Bajleczki Pana Guzika