Coffee with mission | Fundacja Ewy Błaszczyk Akogo?

Coffee with mission

Only until the end of April this year, Lubaszka donates PLN 2 from the sale of each coffee to our statutory purposes.
This is our second collaboration!
Coffee in Lubaszka has recently undergone a real metamorphosis. For a few weeks now, black coffee fans will be able to drink new expressive and essential Espresso and Doppio with a light nutty note, as well as delicate Americano, which can be sipped with your favorite cake or sandwich.
With our camera, we visited the "Prawda Coffee Roastery" roastery in Białołęka, which is friendly with Lubaszka, and which has developed a unique profile of roasting beans, emphasizing the process of caramelization of the beans, which means that nowhere else in the world can you find the same coffee as in Lubaszka.

More about our joint project:

Dziękujemy i zachęcamy gorąco do kupowania kawy w Lubaszce, szczególnie przed Majówką, kiedy trzeba pozałatwiać do końca wszystkie sprawy!