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Julia w Skrajnym Świecie

On the occasion of Mother's Day, we have such a nice surprise!
Tomorrow is the premiere of the book "Julia w Skrajnym Świecie" by Damian Orlewski!
The author decided to donate 5 pln from the sale of each copy of the book for the statutory purposes of our Foundation!
It is a touching story about the world in which the title heroine lives in a coma. A topic that is very close to us.

"One day I dreamed of writing a fairy tale for my daughter Julia. I really wanted it, apart from carrying the message (not only for children, but also for adults), to create a connection to some degree between reality and sleep. A fairy tale and our real world.
One day, I came up with the idea of ​​writing a fairy tale about how a little girl wakes up in an unfamiliar dawn ... Literally a moment later, I thought about the activities of the "Akogo?" Foundation.
The girl will fight to return to her world, i.e. to wake up from a coma caused by a car accident.
While writing this fairy tale, I dreamed of my parents reading it to their sleeping child. Building hope and faith that their sleeping child may be experiencing what the main character of the book is experiencing and is struggling to return to her parents who are waiting for her.
So, on your hands I put a story rich in action, full of adventures and characters, a fairy tale from which, as a donation, every five zlotys will go to the account of the "Akogo?" Foundation. "

The book can be purchased from tomorrow on the author's website:

Thank you very much!