We invite you to film auctions | Fundacja Ewy Błaszczyk Akogo?

We invite you to film auctions

Tomorrow at 8 pm. the next, second tranche of our film auctions ends! Maybe you will find something for yourself?! We know and fully understand that some of you are thinking about something else now, but maybe you should reverse your mind?

We don’t promise to send you auctioned items the next day. During this „special” time, we will not guarantee immediate shipment, but we will definitely send you auctioned and paid items! If not in a day, we will send in 2 or 5 days. We will definitely do it! 

And if you fail to bid, we will launch the next, third tranche of film auctions on the same day… And among them: items related to the „Wataha” series, the jubilee album of the Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych i Fabularnych ( Documentary and Feature Film Company) in Warsaw „70 years of WFDiF, Chełmska 21” (how many movies to watch here!), or Ałbena Grabowska’s book „ Stulecie winnych”.

We would like to congratulate the performers of the main roles in a „Wataha” series, the prizes ( Leszek Lichota and Aleksandra Popławska- laureates of the Revelations in a series category ).

We encourage you to participate in auctions!