An invitation to make an offer

Contracting entity, "Akogo?" Foundation, ul.Podleśna 4A, 01-673 Warszawa, is implementing a project, which has been financed from the Justice Fund programmes : Help for victims and Post-relief assistance implemented by the Ministry of Justice. The funds from the Justice Fund are meant to be helping victims, witnesses and their relatives and partners, post - release assistance and preventing the causes of crime by creating the network of Help for victims
TYPE OF INSTITUTION- SPECIALISED CENTER OF HELP for the organisations that are not in the public sector and are not for profit, but working to benefit crime victims 2019-2021. The foundation invites to make an offer in a proceeding „Equipment of a specialist treatment center for adults, who are victims of crime, in particular those in a coma - Stage III [1]”. 
Ref. no: 7/2020
The offer must be submitted by the deadline of 01/12/2020 by 10:30 (the date of receipt of the offer at the registered office of the contracting entity is binding).

You can find the details here: