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The Day of the Patient in a Coma

On April 18th, we celebrate „The Day of the Patient in a Coma".
The Polish holiday adopted by the Sejm of the Republic of Poland on November 23rd, 2012, on the initiative of our Foundation.
The aim of the celebration is to draw attention to the situation of coma patients and to understand their problems.
This year, especially for this occasion, thanks to the cooperation with our partner JYSK Polska, we are pleased to present you a preview of our joint action - a comic made by Mrs Magdalena Arażny (@Magdarysuje) based on the demands of Julia - a former patient of the "Alarm Clock" Clinic for children. Graphics with Julia's demands will appear on our website and in our social media every Monday.
Julia's postulates are one of the most valuable things that the patients leaving the clinic have left for us. Who, if not a patient, is to know best how to treat and handle a person in a coma?
We will not reveal too much at this stage ... We invite you to follow our profile on Instagram and Facebook (@ fundacja.akogo) and the social media of our supporting partner (@jyskpl), thanks to whom the comic was created.
Let Julia's strong and touching words fall into your hearts and make you realize how simple gestures and behaviors are asked by people in a coma. How little you have to give them to make it easier for them to fight. Perhaps these are messages that also treat healthy people?