Schools | Fundacja Ewy Błaszczyk Akogo?


School at the "Alarm Clock" Clinic for children is, as the teacher told us, "(...) a never-ending way of man reaching to man (...)"
It works, but only in the second stage of stay in the clinic.
Gradually, along with the adaptation and improvement of the patient's condition, the purpose of the educational activities is explained to the caregivers.
The child may join the revitalization and educational classes at the request of the Parents who complete the consent documents.
In parallel, they must suspend the presence and participation of the child in a mainstream school. A child cannot be in two schools at the same time.
The decision on the need for such classes is made on the basis of medical and psychological documentation.
On its basis, in the psychological and pedagogical counseling center competent for the place of residence, a certificate is issued (it is valid only for a certain period of time) giving the teachers in the clinic the basis for taking up work.
After leaving the clinic, there is a need to change this decision.
The child can continue classes at home, the parent must contact the center competent for the place of residence.
This is a privilege, but also an educational obligation that schools should fulfill.
In the material we show what the educational activities in the clinic itself are all about.