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Summary of the comic book series

The time has come to summarize our comic series, created by Magdalena Arażny (@magdarysuje) in cooperation with JYSK Polska (@jyskpolska) based on the demands of Julia - a former patient of the "Alarm Clock" Clinic for children in Warsaw.

Graphics showing the next slogans appeared on our website and in social media every Monday, starting from April 18th, when we celebrated The Day of the Patient in a Coma.
Julia's postulates are one of the most valuable things that the patients leaving the clinic have left for us. Who, if not a patient, is to know best how to treat and handle a person in a coma?

Julia gave us the answers to these questions in short, blunt slogans.
1. It's good to be able to talk about something other than illness, but if you want to, ask.
2. Talk to me what's up, how you feel.
3. When you talk to me, look at me.
4. Take me seriously.
5. Talk.
6. I can hear you.
7. I feel.
8. I understand.

Julia is a former patient of the "Alarm Clock" Clinic for children in Warsaw, which she left in August 2021. One day, during classes with a psychologist and a vision therapist, she made her first contact with the environment in a long time, writing "JULA ZDROWA KOCHAM" on a piece of paper. And so began her communication ...

Let Julia's strong and touching words fall into your hearts and make you realize how simple gestures and behaviors are asked by people in a coma. How little do you have to give them to make it easier for them to fight each day. Perhaps these are universal messages that each of us can put into our lives?

We would like to remind you in what amazing circumstances these valuable postulates were created: