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We are on the eve of the Charity Race! The only race in which everyone wins - WESTMINSTER CHARITY RACE will be held at Tor Wyścigów Konnych...
We would like to kindly inform you that at the Charity Race, the Ewa Błaszczyk's "Akogo?” Foundation will be represented by the mare with number...
Last Friday, Mrs. Ewa Błaszczyk - President of the "Akogo?” Foundation  was honored with the statuette „Anioł Stróż Ziemi Wołomińskiej".
For the second time, the only race in which everyone wins will be held at the Służewiec Horse Racetrack, on September 4th this year: WESTMINSTER...
On August 6th this year prof. Tetsuo Kanno (honorary president of the World Federation of Neurosurgeons, founder and president of the Asian...
On July 15th this year, a ceremony of laying the foundation act was held at the Mazowiecki Hospital in Bródno.
On July 15th this year the Erection Act ceremony was held at the "Alarm Clock" Clinic for adults, which is being built, in Warsaw.
On July 16-20th, 2021, an auction will be held for one of Dorota Leszczyńska's paintings - Danek, for our foundation and "Alarm Clock” Clinic...
Last week, on July 7th, was "World Chocolate Day". We could not miss this opportunity and organized culinary workshops at the „Alarm Clock"...
We invite you to read the interview with Ewa Błaszczyk - President of the "Akogo?" Foundation, conducted by the editorial office of the "Zdrowie...
We wish you all a wonderful, sunny and warm holiday! Let's remember about taking care of the youngest and safe baths. Water is an element, let's...
On June 23rd, we celebrate "Father's Day". We express our best wishes to all Dads!
We share with you a few photos that are a summary of the Friday premiere of the book published by the magazine "BUSINESSWOMAN & life",...
On June 18th, 2021, at the Airport Hotel Okęcie in Warsaw, a Charity Gala was held! During the Gala, the book "50 PERSONALITIES OF BUSINESS FOR...
On June 12th this year, in Cracow, the final concert of the 16th Zaczarowana Piosenka Festival was performed on stage in the ICE Congress Center...
On June 6th this year we managed to gather, in the rays of the sun, at the inauguration of the hymn of the “Akogo-Med” consulting and medical...
Last weekend we managed to gather, in the June rays of the sun, for the inauguration of the “Akogo-Med” Clinic hymn (by Kuba Sienkiewicz).
As every year, on June 1st, we visited our patients at the „Alarm Clock" Clinic for children in Warsaw.
On the occasion of Children's Day, we would like to convey to you a very personal and one of the last statements of a deceased friend of our...
On May 31st this year we have finished cooperation with the Happy Kids Company. Thank you for your support and donated funds!
We are sending lots of hugs and kisses to all brave and strong Mothers! Thank you for being. The world would be left alone without you!